What we offer

Mobile Mountain Massage believe that having a massage is a personal experience. We encourage you to choose the massage type, or combination of types you would prefer, the length and strength of massage and which areas you would like us to concentrate on.

New Treatments!

We are very happy to announce two new treatments for winter 2021/22 - why not give something new a try?


Head, hand and foot treat

Show your hard working extremities the love they deserve with our signature head, neck, hand, forearm, calf and foot treatment. Using soothing peppermint oil on the feet, revitalising ginger oil on the hands and a balancing DõTERRA blend on the neck and head. Releasing, relaxing and perfect for the end of a day taking part in mountain sports, or a long day working.

40 minutes 60€
Minimum booking of 1 hr required for therapists to come to you. The H,H & F treat can be added to another massage or we have two beautiful treatment rooms available in the area.

Indian Head Massage


Traditional champissage aims to soothe your nervous system and balance the upper three chakras to promote well being. Akin to three treatments in one; a mini back massage, relaxing face massage and a scalp massage, the areas treated are: the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck scalp and face. This treatment takes place seated and can be done with or without oil, fully clothes or in a towel. This treatment's benefits are maximised when it is experienced in the late evening as it is known for its sleep inducing qualities.

30 mins 50€

Obtainable according to the availability of our treatment specialist.  

Offered as a stand alone treatment only for winter 2021/22

Screenshot 2021-06-13 at 09.33.29.png
Reiki Treatment

Deep Tissue Massage


Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue and focuses on realigning these layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, lower back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders. It can be quite intense, but it can be used only in target areas and combined easily with a more gentle, holistic massage.

30 mins 50€*

45 mins 65€

60 mins 75€

90 mins 95€

*minimum booking of 1 hr required for therapists to come to you.

Post Sports Massage


Used in conjunction with either Deep Tissue or Holisitc massage, Sports Massage Techniques work more deeply into a specific area to help stretch it out. They focus on the problems which may arise from doing physical activity; be that a sporting activity or even a physically demanding job. The main purpose of using Sport Massage Techniques is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues. Where minor injuries occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, these techniques can break them down quickly and effectively. It can also help prevent those niggling injuries that limit what you are able to do.

30 mins 50€*

45 mins 65€

60 mins 75€

90 mins 95€

*minimum booking of 1 hr required for the therapist to come to you.

black and white photo of womans back. two hands with fingers woven over shoulder

Holistic Massage


Holistic Massage is a calming, relaxing experience that can be used to help with specific ailments such as poor circulation, muscular pain and stress and can also be enjoyed as a preventative treatment to promote general wellbeing. It can be combined with Deep Tissue techniques on a specific area of pain or stiffness.

30 mins  50€*

45 mins  65€

60 mins  75€

90 mins  95€

*minimum booking of 1 hr required for the therapist to come to you.

Pregnancy Massage


Pregnancy massage aims to relax, revive and address some of the physical discomforts relating to pregnancy as your body is changing, such as backache, swollen ankles, muscular tension and tiredness. This restorative and nurturing massage is suitable from the second trimester onwards. You will lie on the traditional massage table on your side with pillows for support.

Add a delicious, hand blended, 100% organic and pregnancy safe  aromatherapy oils for this treatment for 5€

60 mins  75€

90 mins  95€

sepia image of pregnant stomach. hands around belly

Ayurvedic Face, Neck and Head Massage


Focusing on Ayurvedic Marma points on the face, head and neck, this soothing, deeply relaxing massage will reduce tension, de-stress and encourage a feeling of emotional and physical well-being. It will also improve the appearance of the skin and has been described as a natural face lift. Magic! Available as a stand alone treatment or can be an add-on to another massage booking. 


Add an 100% organic, hand blended aromatherapy oil, with a choice to suit your skin type for 5€. Oils made by REVIVE therapy in West Sussex.

30 mins 50€*

45 mins 65€

60 mins 75€


*minimum booking of 1 hr required for the therapist to come to you.

Hot Stone Massage


Deeply relaxing both mentally and physically, heated basalt stones are used to massage with, meaning the muscles warm and soften more quickly and fully allowing the massage techniques to work deeply and effectively. Hot stone massage provides excellent pain relief from tight and strained muscles as well as more chronic pain issues, it encourages blood flow through the body and through leaving the warm stones on the body in key places, melts away mental stress and tension.


45 mins 75€

60 mins 85€

90 mins 105€

*minimum booking of 1 hr required for therapists to come to you.

hand placing smooth black stones on a back

Back Reviver


An intense back, neck and shoulder massage, ideal for the physically active or desk based professionals. Helps ease tension, target specific problematic areas in the back, reduce stress and clear your mind.

30 mins 50€*

45 mins 65€

60 mins 75€

*minimum booking of 1 hr required for therapists to come to you.

Mum-to-be Cocooning


A nourishing treatment benefiting both mother and baby, enhancing well-being aiding relaxation and peaceful sleep. The treatment uses aromatherapy oils blended especially for expectant mothers by Revive Therapy. The 80 minute treatment is divided into a 40 minute back massage, a 20 minute, deeply relaxing face and neck treatment and a 20 minute foot and calf massage. (If you would like to alter the timings for each section, please just ask your therapist).

80 mins 100€


hands making heart shape with fingers around belly button of pregnant stomach

What to Expect

Your therapist will arrive at your accommodation with everything needed for your massage; a heated massage table, clean towels and oil. The only thing that we ask is that you ensure there is enough space available for the table, which is about the length of a 6ft /180 cms person with their arms up.

We will arrive about 10 minutes before the appointment time in order to set up and have a brief consultation with you about what you want from your massage and any health issues or injuries you have which may affect your massage. If you have any major health problems, please do mention these when booking.

During the massage, you will be covered with towels, with only the part being worked on visible to ensure modesty is respected at all times. The most common items of clothing worn during massage is full briefs for women and boxer shorts for men, but please feel free to wear whatever you are comfortable in.

The therapist will provide peaceful music to accompany your treatment, if you’d like to have your own music playing while you receive your massage, feel free to choose some and have it ready for your appointment, likewise if you'd like silence, please let us know.

Post Sports massage and Deep Tissue massage target stiff knots and can be intense and sometimes sore, but not too sore! If at any time during your massage session the sensation is uncomfortable or painful, be sure to tell your therapist so they can adjust the pressure. It’s not necessary to endure a painful session! The therapist can employ different techniques on different areas of your body, saving the deepest treatment for only the most troublesome areas.

There may also be some stiffness or pain in the targeted areas after the massage, but this will subside after a day or two. It’s important to drink a lot of water after a Deep Tissue massage to help flush lactic acid out of the tissues or this could result in additional post massage soreness. You may also be recommended to have a hot bath to ease stiffness, or ice the area to reduce inflammation.

Please see the terms and conditions for information on cancellation and late arrival to your treatment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mobile Mountain Massage using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Book a Treatment

We can come to your chalet or home or you can choose to come to the oasis of peace and calm that is our treatment room and enjoy a full spa-like experience. Our treatment room is situated in Morzine town centre at L'Aubergade hotel. 


Morzine resident prices available. Please contact us for more information and prices. 


**Full body massage is available for 60 min treatments only. If you would like the therapist to concentrate on a specific area or ailment, please note they will not be able to do this as well as a full body massage within 60 mins and we suggest you book 90 mins.